Whatsapp Wins at Twitter in number of users.

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It is incredible but true. Whatsapp has already passed to Twitter in number of users.

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Jan Koum, is the co-founder of Whatsapp, said recently at the Nokia World 2013 ” whatsapp already has more than 350 million users, and at the pace that continues to grow”.  I personally, think that will win over twitter.
The Nokia World 2013, was held in Dubai and was made in order to meet the new range of Nokia products.

Whatsapp has already managed to reach even surpass also to other similar apps, such as for example the well-known Instagram, which today has more than 150 million users. So the competence of whatsapp tries every day improve by adding new features to their apps, in order to try to be direct competitions a mission difficult in my opinion…do not you think?

Jan Koum also became thick as thieves with Nokia, since now whatsapp is pre-installed on all Nokia devices.

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This photo of the event shows as it was the Nokia event, with a lot of capacity.

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Jaun Koum left speechless to the assistants when he mentioned that  is every day approximately 230,000 new users just coming from Nokia.

A chilling figure. On the other hand, fits comment that twitter has already left the bag and keep trying to increase his popularity, but still has many disadvantage compared to facebook, and it is believed that twitter will leave your twitter music project.

Definitely in wasap.ws, we continue to believe that there is not a possible rival for this giant whats app.

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