Smilleys and Emoticons for Whatsapp status

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If you were looking..

Emoticons or smilleys for whatsapp..

Or are tired of you already have, here’s a huge collection of animated emoticons and ascii text, the kind that only letters do drawings, very good, and also has graphic symbols and amount of logos, and you also have to choose

phrases and whatsapp status.


Over one hundred thousand people already have this application installed whatsapp free for containing many smileys.

DOWNLOAD smilleys, ascii art and phrases to put in the status on whatsapp.

smilleys ascii

DOWNLOAD Emoticons for Whatsapp, phrases for whatsapp, smilleys

For the clueless say a smiley or smilley is a sequence of characters on your computer keyboard, gestures, faces, animated icons..

They are also called WHATSAPP emoticons that convey an emotional state.

smilleys for whatsapp

With this application you have these emoticons and can send in applications like WhatsApp and many other android applications.

You can visit the google page play below and download the free application with emoticons and ascii art smilleys.

Download emoticons for whatsapp, smilleys y text phrases for your status on whatsapp

More info the whatsapp page about how to use and install emoticons or smilleys on whatsapp app.

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