WhatsApp Status W -Tools, WhatsApp Fake..

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WhatsAp Status W -Tools, WhatsApp Fake..

WhatShadow, Ghost WhatsApp, WhatsAp Fake, status whatsap.

WhatsApp status

WhatsApp status


Today in Wasap, say tools and apps WhatsApp  Status

The popular WhatsApp application displays the connection whatsapp status of its members indicating other users last logged on or if it is online at the time and it is increasingly people who do not want to show this to the rest of your contacts simple privacy reasons.

In Android we can avoid it though unofficial ie apps for whatsapp that have not been created by the authors of WhatsApp so their operation can not be 100% sure.
whatsapp Apps, to hide whatsapp status and last conexions on WhatsApp.
With these two applications we can hide the status WhatsApp:

1 – W -Tools (hide last seen whatsapp STATUS) WhatsApp app

WhatsApp Status W -Tools, WhatsApp Fake

Apps For WhatsApp Status W -Tools, WhatsApp Fake

The advantage of this whatsapp app, is that you do not need root access and small size occupies only 376k. It is free and allows you to read and send whatsapp messages without changing the state of ” last in line “. Allows messages to bombard any contact Whatsapp and last connection that will show your whatsapp contacts
what you state when you press ” Start Service”.

Download this whatsapp App, W -Tools  (Play Store)

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2 – WhatShadow. WhatsApp app



This whatsapp App is available also on Spanish and not require root access. The disadvantage of this application is subject to charges (0.85 € in Google Play) but has a low cost,
its users happy with it and say is it works. You can try the free trial version of this whatsapp application for seven days at this link. Download this whatsapp App WhatShadow (Play Store)

apps washap

3 – Ghost WhatsApp. WhatsAp app 3

whatsapp ghost

whatsapp ghost

This whatsap App is characterized by its light weight ( 57k), is free and its operation is very simple,
when you install the application icon with the symbol of WhatsAp status and a ghost is created within,
to read messages in ghost mode without your contacts see that online you just have to press this button. No advertising. Download this whatsapp App Ghost WatsAp (Play Store).


4 – WhatsApp Fake Online. WhatsApp app 4

WhatsApp Fake

WhatsApp Fake


This whatsap App,

have the advantage of this implementation is that it takes little
( 1.1 Mb) and is free and you can choose to display your contacts when you logged
the last time, you can set or change once every ten minutes or any time interval
you want. The disadvantage is that it carries advertising.

Download this whatsapp App WhatsAp Fake Online(Play Store)

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