New Fraud malware whatsapp for pc or laptop is available now ! virus

They have already gone several fraud whatsapp for pc, and on this occasion the spam message to victims suggests that the new service whatsapp for pc or laptop is available now and has pending invitations.  When clicked, a signal is directed to a server in Turkey that is redirected to download the virus to the victim bank that has been deceived.

malware Virus whatsapp. Fraud for users




As we have explained many times in, if you want to install whatsapp on pc, do check out the article link that explains how to use android emulators or programs like wassapp to put whatsapp on your pc. But Do not trust messages that may bring trouble. To install whatsapp on pc  just follow the tutorials and perfect.

whatsapp malware virus

virus whatsapp

virus whatsapp

Virus whatsapp

Experts in security and anti malware antivirus Kaspersky Lab warned of the presence of a new malware that promotes a service adulterated WhatsApp for PC. The virus downloads a Trojan that steals banking information for later access bank fortune of the person deceived.

The whatsapp malware comes from a server in Brazil and has the ability to steal fortunate victims of that country as others in the region.  The banking Trojan is installed as a mp3 file icon, said Dimitry Bestuzhev, director of Kaspersky Lab Research Team in Latin America.

The company specialized in products for computer security kaspersky reported that only three out of 50 antivirus programs detected the malware so it is potentially dangerous.

Kaspersky Lab recommends users to install and maintain WhatsApp always updated security software from the PC. Also suggested using a secure browser to surf the Internet without fear, and recalled that it is advisable to use strong passwords, among other precautions to be taken to new scams and trojan alerts.

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