Telegram free. What is and how to download

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What is program Telegram free?

Free telegram download

Today on you can read all about other app of free sms online, good whatsapp alternative. You explain what their improvements with others and because download this new messaging application snapshot. Thanks to its cross-platform, where you can enjoy of Telegram program on your Mac, Windows or linux and for Windows with Webogram, we can say that a differential value is very important.

download telegram free

download telegram free

Whatsapp alternative

Telegram is the application which ensure always free will be based on open source, open, the more safe thanks to its strong encryption and based on the cloud. This app are inspired in the Cloud. All are encrypted for your safety that is encrypted messages and with the possibility of manual removal and automatic. With program Telegram we received is encrypted for your security encrypted messages, this means, that the conversations and messages that we share with our contacts are not saved or copied to any server or free data base.

telegram app. what is and how to download


The program Telegram can chat and share photos, documents, videos up to 1 GB (much more capacity than wasap) with our contacts. And one of the improvements to others, is to be platform, can have the same phone number on your laptop, PC desktop, laptop, tablet or smarphone. To learn more view as download easilly the program Telegram on your PC. Telegram is open source (Open Source). Will hold talks with up to 200 contacts with Telegram Messenger program. It is similar to Whatsapp, use because if you have it on the agenda, it automatically displayed if your contact has installed the application telegram. You can also block if you do not want to allow someone that you do not speak for any reason and you can do so easily from the navigation menu.

Nikolai and Pavel Durov

The founding of the application is one geniuses has been the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. founding of the famous application or program Vkontakte geniuses. There are two types of versions of Telegram Messenger program with the same protocol. The officer and another external. For what you do not know this program, it is a social network of Russia, the most large of Europe along with Fb!. One of the advantages of Telegram program, is that it has not been invented to make money curiously, therefore guarantees that ensure will be always free. Also Telegram also work on iphones.  Telegram can access your contacts from divisualizarsos devices. Another absolutely necessary item is that it is free and has no cost. It also offers privacy, security, speed and reliability. Another very useful and interesting thing is to choose the option that conversations and messages are can destruct a similar service which has been very successful as it is Snapchat. This guarantees more safety for your conversations than other similar programs. To view those conversations and chats, can only be accessed from smartphones, tablet, or Pc that has been sent the message, ensuring that the conversation can not be tracked by third parties. The telegram Api is open and it will be absolutely necessary to improve the development of the application and be able to improve it among the community that is being created around program Telegram Messenger. A serious alternative to Whatsapp, with many improvements. This program is more faster than its competitors, with this app you send messages much more faster than any application server or free data base, free is program Telegram are hosted all over the world, guaranteeing safety and speed and has a process opened its API and open protocol so that everyone can improve the application. This app is starting to go from mouth to mouth and to grow. It will be everything great that people want. What’s more creators offer $ 200,000 to the person who breaks security telegram, something similar to what Google did with Google Chrome browser.

Download Telegram free from the oficial webpage:

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    I have now in my samsung the app telegram, this is the second day testing and work succesfully, is fast and more secure, i like wasap but telegram also, what is the king today?

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