Delete contacts on Whatsapp

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How to delete contacts on Whatsapp

First I must say that whatsapp contacts are synchronized with the contacts on your mobile device , with this I mean you can not delete a contact if you have not previously deleted your notebook.
And even if you can successfully erase it, to people who ‘ve erased would you still appear as a contact in your adressbook because you ‘re the one who deleted the whatsapp contacts, not them ..

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To ensure that you do not appear in Android contacts and deleted from your schedule, you simply have to follow these simple steps . First you have to go to phone settings and do this:

Then you go to Settings Accounts and in this section you will see that you have your account WhatsApp well then select and delete the account.

Thus the WhatsApp is not cleared nor history nor our relationship with mobile, only erases what is the current timing of our adressbook.

Having made these adjustments when back open your Whats App everything will be exactly the same, but with the positive difference quesolo will the current contacts in your address book .

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