Whatsapp beta. Download & Fix last bug.

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Whatsapp beta

Whatsapp beta

Whatsapp beta

Why Download wasap beta free?

At the University of New Haven, researchers Cyber Forensics Research & Education, have discovered that the version of WhatsApp Android one bug or security faillure.

Learn how to work this failure, there is a security flaw that may allow an contact from your adressbook to know the exact location of the person using the app whatsapp on your android device installed, very easy.

In the footer page, on this article from wasap you can see one movie and see how to work this bug and how to fin downloading the whatsapp beta version

Meet this new error acts as security for Android WhatsApp below.

Bug on WhatsApp Android

Any days before of today, we found a new security flaw in Android WhatsApp. This security error or bug, occurs by sharing with some friends or contacts des unknowingly place where you find located.

Security failure Download whatsapp beta

attacker know the exact location of the contact

See the video how to work this failure on whatsapp android:

The downside to this news for now is that this miniature is Google maps download server without any encryption to keep him safe, and as a result any malicious user could intercept our situation and location on the map and know clearly where we found.
Fix bug or security flaw in whatsapp for android and we know that when we share our location in WhatsApp, our smartphone determines where we are located or located, and makes using the program as a means of Google Maps locations, extracting the coordinates corresponding thumbnail and detailed Google Maps, and sent via WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Beta

If you would not have this flaw in your WhatsApp for android you can go to the official website, as they have confirmed that the beta whatsapp this security error is already fixed.

Remember, you can download whatsapp beta on this article.

The official version of Google Play is still not repaired, but surely will in the next update of the app.
If you also have WhatsApp for Android, and want to have the application without the security breach, you can download the beta version from the official website of WhatsApp.

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Click here to download the beta version


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