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Whatsapp Plus or Wasap Plus Holo

Is an extra module which is basically characterized in that still your app Whatsapp with the difference that you can customize it much, since they give you many funds to new templates very nice and configurable, with lots of emoticons for Whatsapp and whatsapp smilleys that your contacts will envy and ask you that as can they have them… We can also customize the interface of the application.

Whatsapp Plus or Wasap Plus Halo

Whatsapp Plus or Wasap Plus Halo

Also can increase the limit of videos for whatsapp and sent files weighing more than 16 megabytes and thus already can send or send very large files to whatsapp, music and photos.

whatsapp plus 2014

whatsapp plus 2014

To install it uninstalls your Whatsapp and installed Whatsapp Plus or Wasap Plus Halo but always remember to make a backup of your chats and conversations or select restore your wasap conversations when you install it.

In this video so you can see everything more clearly:

To download the free app just set hard like your nick or user.

Download Wasap Plus Holo;

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Download Wasap Plus Halo


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