Disable double check blue on Whatsapp

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How to.. hide or disable double check blue


It is said that facebook and whatsapp are players of many couples break .. and now the controversy has been generated by the two famous Vs are now blue, talked Blue double check Whatsapp,

and appears on your whatsapp to the right of every message you sent when recipients have read them, this is not like all the people and therefore whatsapp owners have already announced that the next version will be able to turn off double check blue. The good news is that the beta whatsapp version (Android only) is available this function so nobody can see that when you read the message sent to you, so you save the fights that can throw you for not responding in the moment you read ..

Most people think we use whatsapp with Android, as I do, so if you do not like that blue double check, you can get rid of it completely with whatsapp beta. You can download it on the web wasap.

Learn easily with freedownloadwhatsapp.info how to install Whatsapp beta versión2.11.444

Remember that the only way to install whatsapp beta is on devices with Android.

Needless to say the first thing is download the .apk file Whatsapp beta version 2.11.444 to your computer, and then move it to your smartphone, which once downloaded and located just missing you install it.

How to disable double check blue WhatsApp

Well, if you’ve installed Whatsapp beta 2.11.444 to your phone android, is the moment that will explain how you have to do to disable the blue double check whatsapp. They are just two steps

1. Open your whatsapp and go to the Settings, and then click on Account Info, and finally on the Privacy tab.

2. Under Privacy, uncheck the “Read Receipts” option

With these two simple steps we have already disabled the blue double check. From this moment, when you send messages to a contact and this contact has read, not the two blue vee will appear, but if you disable either will see when they read your posts. Is it fair guess that’s why they have done so. They hope this article has served and will serve to help avoid fights between contacts in whatsapp ..




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