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Alternatives whatsapp

woowos. whatsapp alternatives

More and more companies take new telecommunications software,  trying to make products that have the same characteristics that have whats app, such as WOOWOS program,  you can also encrypt SMS with Woowos and delete sms not only your phone but also phone the you sent your message, even after being sent.

One improvement that should include whatsapp unless you want to have real competition.

Good and new

Whatsapp Alternative

whatsapp alternative

Woowos seem to try to do something similar to whatsapp with extras and features that whats app does not have yet.

Woowos is becoming one of the best alternatives whatsapp, with the advantage to better keep your privacy and intimacy when you chat and you send sms from your mobile with Woowos.

This excellent alternative to whats app,  Woowos call is in three languages, Spanish,  English and Catalan,  and got free for download from Apple Store and Android Market. It’s a Spanish application and the creators of this app are the following persons in the photo, from left to right ” Idoia Mugarza,  Ignasi Casanovasas,  GASO and Xavier Norbert Onrubia “. Good luck with this alternative whatsapp.

woowos owners

And personally from wasap,  we congratulate this initiative and wish them luck in their application and project. A great idea to encrypt the messages and delete them without any problem.

delete sms

It is something that should include whatsapp from day one from our point of view.

In Woowos explain how message encryption works. When you send an encrypted sms you assign a password and the person reading it has to know it, but can not read the SMS in any way. Perfect !

sms encrypted

Now I explain they are the WOOWIES ( SPECIAL Emoticons Help and reporting ). Woowos has 4 Woowies special emoticons,  and everyone tells you one thing.

The POSTMAN : Is telling you that your message has reached the destination.
· The SPY : Is telling you that your message was decrypted by the recipient with code that you had agreed and therefore has been read.
· The Prisoner : Is telling you that you have successfully deleted the message on the mobile station but the recipient has read.
· The THIEF : Is telling you that you have sent a message to the destination but have been deleted before the recipient has read it. These are all advantages.. For example imagine you send an sms to a person but by mistake you had to have it sent to another.. With whatsapp Might not do anything.. with woowos you can delete if you’ve sent, and even if it is in your friend’s mobile.

You can also create predefined response style ” then you call now I can not ” messages,  ” I ‘m at work I’m sorry”,  ” I’ll call you later “,  etc.. Create your own sentences status.

This alternative WHATSAPP,  Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Woowos is optimized for iPhone 5.

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