431 millions of whatsapp users

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Whatsapp or wasap


Has reached an exaggerated users, reaching an incredible figure having been overcome and a staggering

431 million users WHATSAPP on the worldwide  and competitors fail to make real competition to this giant called whatsapp..

jan koum.Co - Founder & CEO of WhatsApp

jan koum.Co – Founder & CEO of WhatsApp

Whatsapp statistics and millions of users.

The genius of whatsapp, wasap, or as you will want to call this app, Jan Koum, during his speech at the photo,. Whatsapp sweeping across the world, spreading like a virus, of course a blessed benign virus that helps us save and thank the people who cost us reach the end of each month with our salary, so we are grateful for this instant free sms service.

founder whatsapp

founder and CEO of whatsapp.

Jan Koum

commented on the DLD conference that took place in the city of Munich (located in Germany), the service progresses positively flatly, and has already managed to reach 30 million new users only counting the last month and has said he will never profit from advertising. And as a curiosity surprisingly told the audience that in whatsapp over 51,000 million messages are sent every day, figures speak for themselves. Congratulations from wasap.ws.

wasap wasap

Jan Koum told people that their type of business is based on subscriptions and has urged its members to continue paying for whatsapp renew when the free period pass. As I said before, download whatsapp is free and from year free trial, and happens to be worth 0.89 cents.

Jan Koum  also said that the company whatsapp generates profits undoubtedly, but its main purpose is to ensure that WhatsApp offers a service that works perfectly and that appeals to people. Congratulations.


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