Whatsapp beta

Whatsapp beta. Download & Fix last bug.

Whatsapp beta

Whatsapp beta
Whatsapp beta

Why Download?

At the University of New Haven, researchers Cyber Forensics Research & Education, have discovered that the version of WhatsApp Android one bug or security faillure.

Learn how to work this failure, there is a security flaw that may allow an contact from your adressbook to know the exact location of the person using the app whatsapp on your android device installed, very easy.

In the footer page, on this article from wasap you can see one movie and see how to work this bug and how to fin downloading the whatsapp beta version

Meet this new error acts as security for Android WhatsApp below.

Bug on WhatsApp Android

Any days before of today, we found a new security flaw in Android WhatsApp. This security error or bug, occurs by sharing with some friends or contacts des unknowingly place where you find located.

Security failure Download whatsapp beta

attacker know the exact location of the contact

See the video how to work this failure on whatsapp android:



Before Download Wasap or washap

APP Wasap your mobile instant messaging platform works on iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Wasap, or Nokia, Sony Ericsson Mobile, HTC, Wasap, or whatsapp for Samsung and all these devices can communicate.
Wasap above to create groups, and each issue an unlimited number of pictures, videos and messages or wasap, audio.

How to..Before and after of Download Wasap or whatsapp


whatsapp for..
whatsapp for..

status Whatsapp
This occasion whatsapp for Android has created a community of users dependent Wasap, or whatsapp has alerted all mobile phone companies give away more each succession SMS packages to recruit some of their rates. Ha ha ha.. Precisely what is truly important Wasap is its potential and what it can take to enter.


This mobile app uses your 3G or WiFi (when conditioning), to perceive or messages from friends, colleagues and anyone else you have in your book whatsapp.  Forget SMS messages and sends wasap, photos, music, audio and video recorded.

WhatsApp status how to..

 Check and Whatsapp Double Check

Whatsapp Double Check
Whatsapp Double Check

One brand means that the message has been successfully sent to whats-app server, while the brand Double or twin v means in this case that the message has reached its destination, but not necessarily that the user has I read.

Changing the background of the conversations in washap (more…)

download telegram free

Telegram free. What is and how to download

What is program Telegram free?

Free telegram download

Today on wasap.ws you can read all about other app of free sms online, good whatsapp alternative. You explain what their improvements with others and because download this new messaging application snapshot. Thanks to its cross-platform, where you can enjoy of Telegram program on your Mac, Windows or linux and for Windows with Webogram, we can say that a differential value is very important.

download telegram free
download telegram free

Whatsapp alternative

Telegram is the application which ensure always free will be based on open source, open, the more safe thanks to its strong encryption and based on the cloud. This app are inspired in the Cloud. All are encrypted for your safety that is encrypted messages and with the possibility of manual removal and automatic. With program Telegram we received is encrypted for your security encrypted messages, this means, that the conversations and messages that we share with our contacts are not saved or copied to any server or free data base.

telegram app. what is and how to download

The program Telegram can chat and share photos, documents, videos up to 1 GB (much more capacity than wasap) with our contacts. And one of the improvements to others, is to be platform, can have the same phone number on your laptop, PC desktop, laptop, tablet or smarphone. To learn more view as download easilly the program Telegram on your PC. Telegram is open source (Open Source). Will hold talks with up to 200 contacts with Telegram Messenger program. It is similar to Whatsapp, use because if you have it on the agenda, it automatically displayed if your contact has installed the application telegram. You can also block if you do not want to allow someone that you do not speak for any reason and you can do so easily from the navigation menu. (more…)


New Fraud malware whatsapp for pc or laptop is available now ! virus

They have already gone several fraud whatsapp for pc, and on this occasion the spam message to victims suggests that the new service whatsapp for pc or laptop is available now and has pending invitations.  When clicked, a signal is directed to a server in Turkey that is redirected to download the virus to the victim bank that has been deceived.

malware Virus whatsapp. Fraud for users



As we have explained many times in wasap.ws, if you want to install whatsapp on pc, do check out the article link that explains how to use android emulators or programs like wassapp to put whatsapp on your pc. But Do not trust messages that may bring trouble. To install whatsapp on pc  just follow the tutorials and perfect.

whatsapp malware virus

virus whatsapp
virus whatsapp

Virus whatsapp

Experts in security and anti malware antivirus Kaspersky Lab warned of the presence of a new malware that promotes a service adulterated WhatsApp for PC. The virus downloads a Trojan that steals banking information for later access bank fortune of the person deceived.

The whatsapp malware comes from a server in Brazil and has the ability to steal fortunate victims of that country as others in the region.  The banking Trojan is installed as a mp3 file icon, said Dmitry Bestuzhev, director of Kaspersky Lab Research Team in Latin America. (more…)


Facebook buys Whatsapp

Facebook buys Whatsapp. Mark Zuckerberg

This Wednesday  has reached a “definitive agreement” to Facebook buys WhatsApp  per 19,000 millions (over 17000 million of dollars). The buy consists of two payments : the first payment of $16,000 million (13,700 millions), of which 4,000 million will be in cash and the remaining $14,000 million in shares of the popular social network.

But in addition, the company plans to make a second payment of 3,000 million dollars in stock, in this case actions RSU ( Restricted Stock Units), similar to stock options of future issuance, for the founders and employees WhatsApp.

These latter units are delivered over a period of four years following the closing of the transaction, which still must receive permission from the authorities.

Facebook acquires Whatsapp

Brian Acton and Jan Koum

Brian Acton AND Jan-Koum
Brian Acton AND Jan-Koum

Facebook, with this acquisition, ups the ante and expects to increase its presence on mobile devices, which aims to sustain your business. The creators of the courier service are Brian Acton and Jan Koum, two former employees of Yahoo!. WhatsApp has over 450 million users.

Although its headquarters are Silicon Valley ( California), has, however, its greatest success in Europe because Americans prefer other classical services like Skype or (curiously ) Facebook, the new owner. (more…)

backup whatsapp

Whatsapp Protection – Anti-Delete Tool – Anti-Remove

Anti-Remove. Protection Tool

protection.  anti remove tool.
protection. anti remove tool.


Whatsapp Protection

Is an application that lets you store  anonymously deleted data recovery on WhatsApp.
You can download the application  Anti-Delete Tool in the footer of this article from WASAP.WS.

The application is available only for MS Windows systems.The current version today works also for iPhone.

How to Install Protection

To install the  PROTECTION easilly,  you only need to quickly install the latest version of iTunes and connect your iPhone to your personal computer  or laptop via USB.
To install with succesfully this tool to protection is necessary to have a license and an Internet connection.
A license is valid for a single device iPhone.

backup whatsapp
backup whatsapp

Once purchased the license from whatsapp anti delete, clicked on the button to install protection PROTECT and continue.
You can watch this vídeo to know the entire process:


How to Uninstall Protection

To uninstall the  PROTECTION in the aplicattion whatsapp anti delete, you only need to quickly install the latest version of iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop via USB.
To uninstall the protection you need to have the license with which it was installed and an Internet connection, of course
Note:  Once purchased the license you have that clicked on the REMOVE button to install the PROTECTION.


Remember that to install the protection you need to have a license. This type of license will be associated with an iPhone and can install and remove  with easilly
Whats app anti remove or whats app anti delete tool, the protection on the same device indefinitely. If you are installing more protection in other iPhone, you need more licenses adittionals.
You can get a license in the Licenses section visiting the page.

If you have any problems or questions of  anti-remove tool, you can contact us by sending an email to the owners.

WhatsApp Anti-Delete Whats app Imposition Tool is an usage that lets you accumulation
anonymously deleted information effort in Whats App. The topical edition totality exclusive for iPhone.
You can download the exercise from the Download separate. The effort is purchasable exclusive for MS Windows systems.
Pose Protection

To put the Aegis you condition to quick pose the newest writing of iTunes and enter your iPhone to your computer via USB.
To instal a imposition is indispensable to acquire a liberty and an Cyberspace link.
A certify is legal for a uninominal emblem iPhone.
Erstwhile purchased the pass clicked on the switch to lay covering PROTECT.
You can rite this vídeo to pair the full treat:
Uninstall Endorsement
To uninstall the PROTECTION you necessity to rapidly lay the newest variant of iTunes and join your iPhone to your computer via USB.
To uninstall the indorsement you requisite to bed the liberty with which it was installed and an Internet connector.
Formerly purchased the liberty clicked on the Shift add to establish assets Indorsement.


whatsapp licence
whatsapp licence

To pose the infliction you requisite to hump a licence. A permit gift be related with an iPhone and can put and disappear  the assets on the self emblem indefinitely.

If you are installment more assets in else iPhone, you penury author licenses from this tool whatsapp.
You can get a authorization in the Licenses construct.

If you eff any problems or questions you can conjunction us by sending an telecommunicate.

I inform you, that this tools also have instructions and page on spanish. Visit this webpage:

Recuperar mensajes borrados en watsapp. How to recover whats app messages.



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spy tablet. sniffer android. spy mobile. sniffer whatsapp. spy pc.

Spy phones, app, whatsapp..

How to spy whatsapp and phones app

Tomorrow on wasap.ws want you to know all the programs available on the market today, to spy mobile, these mobile spy programs are required to purchase. But there are also free, we will discuss both in this article.

mobile spy. all soft

This article has been written entirely by my in language Spanish but is published in wasap on English, and later a professor of English native amended this article, improving the incorrect English that could have improved on it and present it. In all cases we just want to provide as much information about everything related to whats app  android apps and everything related to these themes. As you know you can download free whatsapp on this item you can download free  original.

And continuing with our item showing the most famous spy programs for mobile, android and whatsapp.

It is true and a very curious fact that most cases of people seeking these programs to spy messages mobile or messages whats app, are not criminals, but simply parents worried about their children and their mobile devices with internet access, with the danger that entails for children that today 90 percent or more have a next-generation mobile, whats app, internet, and everyone in her small hands.

phone spy

So it is perfectly understandable that healthy curiosity. In other cases as being more serious is the groom to the bride peeking to see if he’s cheating with another  ..

And in other cases, it is simply someone who wants to learn by simple curiosity or want to test the security of wireless networks, mobile devices, or the same whatsapp and check whether they can actually intercept messages of other people. Well, without trying any of these programs, the webmaster of wasap, I can say without hesitation that if you can, and have not tried it, but if you know what it is and it works like a sniffer not much else to say .. capture and packets are decrypted with another tool and go.

Most commons programs to spy mobile, whats app, etc, are extra, as per this example:

spy whatsapp sniffer

This spy soft nammed Spyera Phone version is software that you install on a smart phone

to monitor everthing happening on the phone, but also exist versions to mobile, tablets and pcs.

This soft secretly records all events (with sms, call history, phone book, location, emails, What’s App messages, IM, Facebook Chat, Skype, See photos taken and many more…) that happen on the phone and delivers these information to a web account, where you can view these reports 24/7 from any Internet enabled computer or mobile phone.
This app spy, also allows you to listen to the surroundings of the target mobile , listen to the phone conversation and to know the location of the device.

whatsap snifferwhasap snifferwashap snifer.

Exist also other soft to

nammed mspy. This app spy  is a stealth cell phone spy software that silently monitors any Apple iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, or Symbian OS based cell phone.

Also allow access the phone’s text messages, call history, e-mails, GPS locations, Call Recordings, web history, photos, Skype, Whats-App and more from any web browser.

Read more about whatsapp Spy sniffer:

Very soon add new spy programs in this article, you may also like the article “free whatsapp spy. download sniffer for whats app“.